Our mission is simple, to reignite UK space

What we do

At Smallspark, we develop technologies that reduce costs and barriers within the aerospace and automotive industry; offering bespoke propulsion systems, suborbital research missions, orbital launches (from mid-2020’s) and world leading software tools that enable engineers to develop more efficient, cost effective systems.

Our S4-Hive engine architecture has been developed through the backing of the Welsh Government, Research England and a consortium of private investors/funds. Hive is a highly adaptable chemical propulsion system that can be scaled from 50N up to 50kN and is available in a range of design profiles to meet our customers needs. Using highly stable fuels and cyro-optimised materials, our engines are useable in a wide range of environmental conditions with minimal fluctuation in performance and are resistant to high velocity impacts from micro-meteors and small arms fire. We would encourage anyone interested in exploring using Hive for their systems to get in touch to see how it can be adapted for your needs.

Moore.Ai is a tool, developed in collaboration with The University of Southampton, backed by Research England’s SPRINT programme, that puts AI in the driving seat of engineering design, and powers many of our software offerings. These include moore.Ai:Online (), launching in Q3 2021, and moore.Ai:Core () , a research grade design suite used by some of the world’s largest engineering companies to elevate their capabilities.

We work closely with both the UK Government (and the devolved nations) along with some of the world’s largest engineering companies, and we’re venture backed by some of the UK’s leading investment funds.

Smallspark Milestones


Awarded funding into AI research by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

moore.Ai: Online

Launching of BETA sign up for moore.AI:Online

Funding Round Closed

Closing of funding round with match funding from the Welsh Government

SPRINT Funding SPRINT Funding

Only company to ever be awarded two rounds of maximum funding from SPRINT funding stream