Frost One

Frost One will be the UK’s premier orbital launch vehicle. Designed to be launchpad agnostic and to be transported fully fuelled in Smallspark’s transportation vehicle, we will provide clients rapid access to orbit in ultra-short (28 day) timelines. Where necessary, Smallspark also aims to bring its own launchpad in its transportation system, further reducing the risk of delay and keeping you on schedule. Much like Frost Micro, Frost One, at its core, is designed to be rapid to manufacture, using facilities the UK already has at present, and transported fully assembled and integrated before it arrives at its launch-site.

Why go with Frost?

The Frost line of launch vehicles, at its core, aims to stand for one thing: low cost access to space through a unique combination of tried and true methods, mixed with a use of proprietary innovative design and development technologies, without ever compromising on performance. Frost One aims to be, by far, the cheapest way to access orbit from the United Kingdom (and soon after a few other places).



400kg to LEO
225kg to SSO

Diameter: 1.2m

Second Stage

Single Core Hunter Engine
45kN Thrust
SS-ox & SS-2 Fuel
Specific Impluse:320 seconds

Infrastructure & Transport

Transported Fully Fuelled
Stored in Smallspark's Spark Truck
Launchable from our portable launch pad
Completely safe to store long term

First Stage

360kN Thrust
LOX & SS-1 Fuel
Specific Impluse:275 seconds

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Frost One
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