UK Space Agency: Glyndwr Innovation Prize

In 2018, Smallspark Space Systems was awarded a £10,000 grant from the UK Space Agency to support the development of its business and technologies; awarded to companies who the Agency believes show huge future promise, this award was an immense validator for the company's vision.

Research England Sprint Grant

In Q1 2020, Smallspark Space Systems was awarded a £100,000 grant by Research England via to allow the continued development of its advanced AI-powered optimisation tools, in collaboration with the University of Southampton's world-leading Department of Operational Research.

Research England Sprint Grant

In Q2 2020, Smallspark Space Systems was awarded £50,000 by Research England through the Space Research and Innovation Network for Technology fund to work on furthering the development of its next-generation engine technologies, with The University of Bath Department of Mechanical Engineering. Smallspark is working with their leading researchers on developing new 3D printing methodologies for improving the performance of our fuels.

European Regional Development Fund: Westcott Business Incubation Centre

In Q2 2020, Smallspark Space Systems was awarded funding from the European Regional Development Fund via the Westcott Business Incubation Centre to develop a prototype of its next generation low cost engine with its partner, The University of Swansea.

Wales Start-up Awards 2019 : Graduate Start-up of the Year

In Q3 2019, Smallspark was thrilled to be named Graduate Start-up of the Year at the Wales Start-up Awards, for its rapid development in cutting edge aerospace technologies. The company beat out other major Welsh start-ups including Alpaca and Route Konect.

Simply Do Start-up Awards Cardiff – Winner

In Q1 2019 Smallspark won the Cardiff SimplyDo Start-up Awards, winning a £3,000 prize, legal support from Darwin Gray and financial consultancy with Santander. The company was also nominated by Cardiff University to proceed through to represent Wales in the national Santander Start-up Awards, beating out over 200 other companies.

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