Smallspark Space Systems

Smallspark Space Systems

Reigniting UK Space

Smallspark Space Systems

Smallspark Space Systems

Reigniting UK Space

Our Story

We are Smallspark – one of the UK’s fastest growing aerospace ventures working to redefine the UK space sector by bringing to market a new generation of low-cost, rapid to produce launch vehicles, allowing customers to access space from the UK for the first time ever.

In addition to this, we are the creators of MooreAI, our new AI-powered software allowing the development of high performance, situation-specific aerostructures. If you’re interested in finding out how MooreAI can benefit your business please get in touch at :

Frost Micro

Frost Micro is our single stage, spin-stabilised suborbital research launch vehicle. Designed initially to validate our own technologies, this vehicle serves as an incredibly low cost way to access space for those seeking to perform their own component validation or research missions.

Frost One

Frost One will be the UK’s premiere orbital launch vehicle. Designed to be launchpad agnostic and to be transported fully fuelled in Smallspark’s transportation vehicle, we will provide clients rapid access to orbit in ultra-short (28 day) timelines. Where necessary, Smallspark also aims to bring its own launchpad in its transportation system.

Our Roots

We are a multi-award-winning UK company headquartered in Cardiff, and deeply embedded in the UK space sector.

In the naming of our products, we always seek to honour a UK based artist, engineer or scientist who we believe deserves more recognition, and we hope to continue this tradition long into the future. Our launch services (Frost Micro, Frost 1) are named after unknown Welsh aviator William Frost, and our AI design tool MooreAI is named after British sculptor Henry Moore.

The technology for our products was born out of an idea developed by Smallspark founder Joe Ward while at Cardiff University, and the company has stayed true to its UK-roots.

Our rockets will be built in Britain, and we are working to put in place sustainable, and ethical supply chains which we can rely on, and which give back to our communities. We continue to do our part to promote STEM awareness and uptake, and we regularly go into schools and colleges to share our story, our journey and open the doors for the next generation of scientists and engineers to build on the work we’ve done.


UK Space Agency: Glyndwr Innovation Prize
In 2018, Smallspark Space Systems was awarded a £10,000 grant from the UK Space Agency to support the development of its business and technologies;
Research England SPRINT Grant
In Q1 2020, Smallspark Space Systems was awarded a £100,000 grant by Research England via to allow the continued development of its …
European Regional Development Fund:
In Q2 2020, Smallspark Space Systems was awarded funding from the European Regional Development Fund via the Westcott Business Incubation …

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